Getting Started

Getting Started

♦ Verification - the site uses Experian to verify who you are.

• Yes the people who lost millions of people's personal information.

• A high percentage get messed with by Experian, especially if you are one of the millions with credit freezes in place.

• If requested be sure to call the number on the screen where an Experian person will unlock the site and you can then start your application.

Agree to the privacy statement.

Contact information from when you setup the account will appear.  Review it and agree.

You will be asked more details about yourself and your family as the application progresses.

You will be asked if anyone is helping you to apply like an insurance agent or marketplace navigator.

You will then be asked if you want help paying for insurance.  That is the whole purpose of the application.  Be sure to select YES.

It is assumed you are asking for help, but the application can include other family members.

There are situations where the applicant receives health insurance through his or her work but other family members have to obtain insurance on their own.

Review the choices careful before continuing.