U.S. citizens & U.S. nationals

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U.S. citizens & U.S. nationals


Health insurance and U.S. nationals

U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals are eligible for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

U.S. citizens

A U.S. citizen is someone who’s born in the United States (including U.S. territories, except for American Samoa) or who was born outside the U.S. and who either:

• Was naturalized as a U.S. citizen

• Derived citizenship through the naturalization of his or her parent(s)

• Derived citizenship through adoption by U.S. citizen parents, provided certain conditions are met

• Acquired citizenship at birth because he or she was born to U.S. citizen parent(s)

• Became a U.S. citizen by operation of law

U.S. nationals

A U.S. national is someone who’s a U.S. citizen or owes permanent allegiance to the U.S. With extremely limited exception, all non-citizen U.S. nationals are people born in American Samoa or people born abroad with one or more American Samoan parents under certain conditions.